Who We Are

We at coreautotechniks, hold a group of highly experienced, skilled, dedicated ,automotive designers that has skills around the whole vehicle design right from vehicle packaging, Layout/package, Ergonomics, BIW, TRIMS, sheet metal design, GD&T, Sheet metal forming We understand the complexities around the car making business and challenges e.g. rightly skilled work force on the top of the list We posses the designing skills around BIW Design, TRIMS Design, ERGONOMICS Analysis, GD&T , METAL FORMING, DFMEA, DVP, BENCHMARKING & VA/VE .

Our Mission

Become a world wide appreciated and much sought after company by 2019 for the quality of trainings offered and the best in class services offered by us to the clients in terms of value added , long term business relationship and commitment to the each of clients / car makers product quality. Become a name of guarantee in quality trainings on Automotive design in the main stream at the academic level through out India due to the rich experience based training contents and the live sessions on car systems like BIW and TRIMS

Our Vision

Create an ever-compounding work force of creative, intelligent, modern and futuristic team of Indian Automotive Designers who participate to design and develop modern cars efficiently and profitably that make the world count India for its best cars.

Dynamics Of Automotive Engineering

Car making has became a highly complex business where success is largely depend on how fast new cars are rolled out to market and how contemporary looks the car posses. This certainly requires a highly skilled design team who understand the program requirements and work endlessly to meet the design, durability, performance targets for the program. Coreautotechniks holds a trained and skilled resources who posses minimal experiences but are trained to work like an pro and experience designers who know the in and out of the task, be it working out a concept design on BIW shell and working on the master sections from scratch At Coreautotechniks, we believe in adding value to the OEMs program not mere satisfying the staffing requirements in a stand alone way We believe, coreautotechniks as a ready pool of best in class BIW, TRIMS designers , Ergonomic designers, Benchmarking Engineers , to cater to your program requirements at every stage of the program

How We Can Partner In It

We at Coreautotechniks, works at the very basic issue with in Indian Engineering educations loop hole. i.e. contemporary and Quality design education/training that is extremely focused on the Automotive domain and has rich contents design curriculum right from the basic of steel making to the advanced levels e.g. design from the load path point of view We posses skilled designers in the field of BIW design, TRIMS design and designers who can work on the vehicle architecture level hard points e.g. defining the pedal positions on the vehicle, defining the H30 dimensions and L53 dimensions, setting up the A-pillar articulations studies, setting up the ORVM and IRVM positions which eventually would cut short the package definition time to freeze the vehicle style early. Early style freeze directly correlates with the faster detail design execution.