Design Of Carbon Fiber / Composites For Automotive

Recent trends on using composite materials and panels for body designs of light weight vehicles. The most of the Europe and less of the north america are shifting towards using composites as the only material for BIW and other parts in automobiles due it ultimately light weight and very very high UTS values which is gained by the quasi-isotropic nature of the raw material i.e. carbon firber fabrics. The design of cabron fiber panels is very different from that of steel body panels as the DFA,DFM,DFS concerns are totally different which requires a great attention. India is slowly gathering the technology as there are number of 3rd party vendors who import the fabrics and support the bit and piece wise to the OEM's here in india.

What are the contents :

  1. Carbon materials and basics from precusrsor.
  2. Fabric types, resin types.
  3. Why only carob as a load carry member.
  4. What are the properties of resins and what are different types of resins.
  5. Ply orientation basics from load path point of view.
  6. How to kill the anisotropic nature of the single carbon fabrix ply.
  7. What are ply books and how they are generated.
  8. Failure criteria for composites.
  9. Manufacturing of composite panels.
  10. Curing and baking of composite panels.
  11. Testing of composite panels.
  12. Painting and corrosion protection of composite panels.
  13. Mechanical fastening and adhesive joining of composite panels.
  14. Field failures of composite panels.

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