DFMEA & DVP Basic And Advanced

APQP, DFMEA, DVP forms the tools for robust design practices which the Big-3 devised and are still the standard practices across automotive domain. The prime focus is to make the student aware of DFMEA based designs that almost guarantees you about the failures that could occur or that usually occus and proetct your design against those failures right at the digital designs and thus make your design literally protected against those failures in the field. This also leads to makign a full fledged DVP-R, Design validation plan and report..

What are the contents :

  1. Fundamentals of DFMEA.
  2. Function identifications and writing the severity- severity number selection.
  3. Making an IFRL- item function requirement list.
  4. Importance of identifying the functioh with absolute details.
  5. Writing the occurance number - importance of field failure, service, warranty data and customer complaint data.
  6. Writing detection number.
  7. Faulire detection methods - and its direct co-relation to test methods or CAE simulations.
  8. Failure prevention methods - knowing that the failure is enevitable, making a preventive mechanism that will prolong the failure or eliminate the failure.
  9. RPN number - what it is , why it is must, how much it should be , who declared it.
  10. DFMEA and re-calls - co-relation i.e. takata air bag deployment failure issues and toyoto sticky acceperator pedals in north america.
  11. Concluing notes.

who can attend it :

Practicing enginners, freshers, novice dsigners with less than 5 years of experience

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