Automotive world by and large has already moved their designs to be compliant to ASME- GD&T standard practices as it has inherent advantages over coordinate domensioning and tolerancing with bonus tolerances and straight 57% more tolerance zone over the conventional tolerancing method. This is an univeral way of conveying your design intents that are understood by designer, manufacturers, inspection engineers, testing and validation engineers in the same way without any ambuiguity.this is an effective method to eliminate the tolerance accumulation as the datums concept in conventional dimensioning method is totally absent.

What are the contents :

  1. What is geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and how it is different than coordinate dimensioning and tolerancing.
  2. What are the benefits.
  3. Type of geometric tolerances.
  4. Concept of MMC and bonus tolerance.
  5. Modifires, L,M,RFS etc.
  6. Writing an FCF and adding the geometric tolrances.
  7. Identifying the datums in GD&T for machines and stamped parts and flexible parts.
  8. General tolerances on BIW and TRIMS parts.
  9. What are 2 way and 4 way locators and why they are must in any designs.
  10. How to apply 3-2-1 principle and apply the datums.
  11. How to apply tolreances on features, datums and how the manufacturing and DVA team help the desigers in this delivery.

who can Apply :

Freshers, experienced engineers, designers, last year BE students.

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