Packaging – General Packaging

Packaging refers to all activiteis that undergo to set up the mechanical, electrical, and occupant harwares inside the confirned boundaries of the vehicles exterior style before the actual design of the sub-systems could initiate.This refers to the mechanical packaging of underbody systems, powertrain packaging, drive system and steering system packaging, occupant packaging, electrical systems packaging. each and every system of packaging carries its own significance to the vehicle development. coreautotechniks has an outstanding course that delivers the complexes and criticalities of the packaging domain that every designer has to deal with at early or late stage of his carrer. It is the true ability of a designer how well he packages his systems before he is confidant to kick start the actual details design of the system and sub-systems and assemblies, panels.

What are the contents :

  1. Importance of packaging in automotive design and vehicle engineering.
  2. Bascis of mechanical packaging, engine bay packaging, underbody packaging.
  3. Basics of occupant packaging and importance.
  4. Standards and recommendation used while doing the packaging studies.
  5. Vehicle layout observations - VLO and generating the VLO report.
  6. Working with the cross functional teams during packaging studies.
  7. Packaging standards used world wide based on material, proximity, static-dynamic conditions, heat-zones, interior-exterior zones.

who can attend it :

Novice designers, fresh engineers who want to understand the full vehicle in short time span, working designers who want to boost their design skills with accurate packaging skills.

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