Sheet Metal Forming Basics And Analysis

sheet metal forming refers to an new domain of study of material behaviour while underging an forming and shape changing stamping operation. This rquries a pre requiresite understanding of sheet metal design priciples of basic and advanced stamping operation. This also requries a thru understanding of thestamping presses i.e. signle action, double action or tripple actions presses, mechanical and hydraulic presses, etc. thhough it is an extremely exciting domain to make a career it should however be accompanied by main domain of sheet metal design and BIW design. Having the understanding the forming in a classical way and a simulation suite way, greatly enhances the career opportunities of BIW designers Coreautotechniks is presenting an never before contents to prepare engineers to foray into sheet metal forming domain.

What are the contents :

  1. Forming process - overview.
  2. What is called forming and what is call drawing.
  3. Important mechanical properties that play significant role during forming process.
  4. n & r values - significance.
  5. Cupping tests and estimating the drawability by thumb rule method.
  6. CGA method and FLD - overview and discussion.
  7. Differences in drawn and stretch panels.
  8. Classical approach of sheet metal forming.
  9. Modern simulation approach for sheet metal forming.
  10. Forming defects.
  11. Understanding the forming results, thinning, thickening, strain plots, stress plots and taking corrective design actions to resolve these errors.
  12. BIW best practices as far as forming is considered.
  13. Forming suits - companies, FTI, AUTOFORM, PAM-STAMP, hyperform, ls-dyna.
  14. Career opportunities for enginners with forming knowledge.
  15. Making use of forming knowledge during BIW panels design .

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