Sheet Metal Designs

Sheet metal design domain embraces a very vast arena of industries e.g. Automotive, ship building, furnitures, heavy and construction engineering, aerospace, utensiles and house holds items etc. in automotive, usually a thru understanding of how steel ingots are made, how is the melting of steel occurs, what is meant by 'Killing of steel', what are cold rolled and hot rolled steels and finally how these are 'Rolled' to either hot rolled sheet nr cold rolled sheets. As a sheet metal designer in automotive, the basic understanding of such skills is of prime importance and it literally pays off when your get up higher in the ladder in a company .

What are the contents :

  1. Melting of steel.
  2. Ingots, billets.
  3. Rolling process overview.
  4. Quality of steel- rimmed, semi-killed, fully killed steels.
  5. Hot rolled and cold rolled steel.
  6. Basic and advanced stamping operations and review on each from automotive perspectives.
  7. Design thumb rules for piercing.
  8. Design thumb rules for blanking.
  9. Design thumb rules for forming, drawig, flanging.
  10. Design for strength.
  11. Design for stiffness.
  12. Forming of sheet metal- basic and FLD discussion.
  13. What are important properties for designers use and information.
  14. CAE feedback and steel property co-relation for designing steel panels.
  15. Design for welding- spot, MIG, MAG, Laser welding, projection welding.
  16. Testing of welded panels.
  17. IS standard for HR and CR sheet and general tolerance standard on length and angles.
  18. Tolerance on welded assemblies.
  19. GD&T on sheet metal assemblies- datums, tolerances etc.
  20. Modern steel grades - IF, BH, TRIP, DP, HSS, UHSS, AHSS, boron steel, etc.
  21. General thicknesses on rolled sheet and tolreance on sheet thickness.

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