Automotive BIW design

Preface :

Automotive BIW design is an complex yet very challanging and satisfying domain as a carrer and best part of it is, its timeless. It uses the very fundamentals of mechanical engineering from Mechanics, strength of materials, Theory of machines and Vibrations BIW or more precisely, Body-In-White, or Body structure or Body engineering or in plain words Body design all are acronyms for the same. Its an all steel body shell that forms the cabins space for the occupants or passanagers once the vehicle is fully built over.

What are the contents :

  1. Body segementation and whole body technical overview.
  2. Understanding of the whole body design interfaces e.g. engines, chassis components, electrical interfaces, wheels and suspensions elelemts.
  3. Bascis of sheet metal design from fundamentals to advanced operations.
  4. Firewall and dashpanel structural organisations and importance.
  5. Master sections & typical sections in BIW.
  6. Design of roof and roof support sustems.
  7. Design of underbody panels and cross members.
  8. Design of pillars and headers, quarter zones.
  9. Design of front end systems and ensuring vehicle crashworthiness .
  10. Design of vehicle class A fitment panels e.g. fenders.
  11. Design of vehicle closures systems with glasss drop system design, sealing flanges/curves design.
  12. Design of seals on the whole body .
  13. Vehicle corrosion protection.
  14. Vehicle leakage protection measures and technical knowhow.
  15. Basic to advaned elements of sheet metal forming.
  16. Ensuring vehicle fit and finish, 3-2-1 principl of location, 4way and 2 way locations systems.
  17. Review and discussion around the whole body CMM inspection and PIST levels.
  18. Review and technical contents on body testing and Body DFEMA /DVP.

who can apply :

Final year college students, freshers, cross domain professionals, 0-5 years experience Diploma, degree students.

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