Why Corporate Model

Fresh recruits and GET's and lateral recruits inside the design office tend to take their own time to adapt and learn the day to day and engineering requirements of the clients and also the requirements of the design task they are assigned to. Now a days due to extrement dynamics of the automotive design fiels, middle level managers are reluctant to spend their quality time with them, hence these guys take much time to groome and get ready to handle the independent tasks and execute them within time, with due quality and efforts.

Details of the Model

Coreautotechniks can bridge this gap by providing tailor made trainings to the fresh and lateral recruits and GETs so that theu get billable from very beginning and hence add to the value to the company and generate revenues for the company the courses can be so planned to execute in weekend so that the office duties are not hampered or based on the needs the courses cane be full day at our training premises.

Benefits for the organizations

What are benefits for the companies by this Lateral recruits are groomed technically right from the beginning Recuits get the messsage that the company is inventsing on them Recruits can be early billable and add value and revenues to the company With this model from coreautotechniks, client can add as many low CTC resources as possible and rest can be takne care by coreautotechniks Client can very confidantly foray to acquire more and more businesses as the key requirements, i.e. good quality resources are always available to execute the tasks how so ever big and challanging it could be